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A Growth Story: Bright

By Bright Osei on December 3, 2021

I studied Health Sciences at Western University and then started a career in banking after graduation. Sales wasn't really on my radar, but I had a friend at Perpetua that thought I could see a ton of success as a BDR because of my competitiveness and metric driven nature.

The fact that I didn't have any sales experience never made me feel like I couldn't be a top performer. There was one simple requirement from day 1 - a commitment to never stop learning. While I was given a ton of autonomy, there was an endless amount of coaching and mentorship available to me, and I ran with that to accelerate my growth.


Within a month, I was making tangible contributions that were being celebrated across the sales team and the broader organization. We use slack channel integrations from our CRM so that whenever we open up a big new sales opportunity or close a big deal, everyone can see and celebrate the progress that we're making, it's like an extra jolt of energy every time.

I joined Perpetua at a time where the sales team was adding a lot of new tools and a few new processes to make people more effective. I was pretty surprised when with less than 6 months of experience in the role, my manager was garnering my feedback on these tools and processes, and several times he directly took my feedback and made changes. It wasn't just about being heard, but about being part of the leadership decision making process. I'd provide my thoughts, listen to the thoughts of other leaders, we'd challenge each other, and ultimately come to a decision and move forward. I had only ever worked at large corporations before where I just felt like a cog in the machine, and so being exposed to this type of decision making was extremely liberating and rewarding.

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As I grew into the second half of my first year, I really appreciated how my targets were always crystal clear. At any given time, I knew exactly what "success" looked like in my role, and never had to guess if I was doing a good job or not. My key performance metrics were clear, and in addition to that I was getting a constant stream of feedback both during scheduled 1-1s with my manager and whenever I asked for it. If I ever felt down on myself, or felt that I was underdelivering, I got more than just encouragement - I got a tangible action plan on things I could do to improve.

After a year as a BDR, I got promoted to an Account Executive position and the growth hasn't stopped since. I was ecstatic to become an AE and to start working on closing small business deals for the company. A year later and I've already grown to closing larger and larger deals for the organization, with a clear path to more growth moving forward.

I may not have ever thought that a sales career would be for me, but I'm glad I started mine at Perpetua.