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How Mimi's Rock Unlocked Scalability and Growth for Multiple Brands on Amazon with Perpetua

By Kristie Schmuck on September 16, 2020

Dr. Tobias is the number 1 fish oil product sold on Amazon. The brand's original founder, Dr. Tobias, was able to leverage the success and recognition of the fish oil product to launch several new products in the marketplace.

In late September of 2017, Telfer Hanson and David Kohler became aware of an opportunity to acquire Dr. Tobias, the rapidly growing, digitally native brand. As long time family friends with complementary skillsets, they acknowledged this an opportunity to build something meaningful together.

And so, the company Mimi's Rock was formed. Lead by Telfer, Executive Chairman and David, CEO, Mimi's Rock is a diverse, global group of health and business professionals dedicated to providing a wide selection of wellness products.

Today, Mimi's Rock is a house of brands comprised of Dr. Tobias, Maritime Naturals and All Natural Advice. Their products are sold exclusively online, with Amazon as their most effective sales channel.

"One of the things we recognized early on was: if you’re not playing well on Amazon, you’re not really online." - David Kohler, CEO, Mimi's Rock.

"We knew if we could win there, we could continue to build successful brands. We knew to scale globally, a strong position on Amazon would give us a great foundation from which to grow" said Dave.

The operational savvy of the Mimi's Rock team lead to impressive growth on Amazon, but significant time was spent managing Amazon advertising campaigns. To allow their team to focus more on high leverage, strategic initiatives, they needed to find a strong partner to help them efficiently drive incremental sales.

Since partnering with Perpetua, Mimi's Rock has seen:

  • Reduced ACOS by 10% across all products

  • 2.5x ROAS growth for Amazon DSP in under 30 days

  • Significant operational efficiencies and time savings

Watch their full story:

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